Worry over Atrazine

Atrazine, which according to the EPA is the second-most used pesticide in the United States, has come under fire recently for possible adverse health effects. Just last week, Syngenta, producer of Atrazine, was forced to pay  $100 million dollars, needed to cleanse local water systems of Atrazine contamination. It is now thought that Atrazine may cause birth defects, infertility and certain kinds of cancer in humans. This has been a recent change of thought; as late as 2009 the EPA was quoted as saying Atrazine was “not likely to be a human carcinogen” (even if it wasn’t, a quote like that does not give me confidence). Now, however, they say that there is “suggestive evidence” Atrazine can cause ovarian cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other very scary forms of cancer. As for regulation, the EPA says they won’t consider any until 2013, at the earliest.