Webinar on AGR-Lite Crop Insurance

On June 28th NCAT will be offering a one-hour webinar, for the purpose of explaining the Adjusted Gross Revenue Lite, otherwise known as AGR-Lite, insurance program. AGR-Lite ┬áis a ‘unique, federally funded subsidized crop-insurance product that holds great promise to serve the needs of smaller, diverse, specialty crop, organic and direct-market farmers.’ The AGR-Lite may be especially salient for organic farmers because unlike most federal insurance programs the AGR-Lite has a whole-farm focus, and specializes in those growing several specialty crops. The webinar promises not only help explain the AGR-Lite program but assess the feasibility of whole-farm insurance on an individual farm basis. The webinar will start at 1pm Eastern/12 Central on the 28th. The main presenter will be Jeff Schahczenski, a NCAT Agricultural Economist.

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