Webinar: NOP and NRCS Requirements

The standards set up by the National Organic Program, which task operators to actively maintain or improve the soil, water and biodiversity of their land, are often complicated, confusing even the most experienced farmers and ranchers.   To this end, the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) is hosting a webinar entitled ‘Links between Biodiversity Requirements of Organic Systems and NRCS Practice Standards’ this upcoming Thursday, September 27. The webinar promises to “help operators meet…NOP requirements” and “will include include those standards protecting resources, providing conservation buffers, and supporting wildlife habitat.” Specifically, the panelists will be discussing NRCS Conservation Practice Standards, which help teach operators how to meet NOB requirements.

The seminar panelists will be Jo Ann Baumgartner, the director of the Wild Farm Alliance, Jim Riddle, founding chair of the Winona Farmers Market and the International Organic Inspectors Association, and Tom Broz of Live Earth Farm. The webinar will occur on the 27th at 1pm Eastern, 12 Central. The price is free, but registration is required. Do not fear, however, because registration can be found right here, and it’s quick and easy, too!