Seeking members for a short-term IOGA Grower Advisory Committee

The IL Organic Growers Association Steering Committee has been working throughout the summer to outline the future of the Illinois Organic Growers Association as an organization. Recognizing that the organization must exist to serve the members, and yet realizing that it is difficult to find growers with the right combination of time and skills to govern the organization, and seeking to maximize limited resources, the Steering Committee will propose to members a structure with the following elements:

  • Fiscal sponsorship by the Illinois Stewardship Alliance with the sponsorship agreement to be ratified by IOGA members at the January 2012 business meeting
  • IOGA activities directed by a Steering Committee, elected by members at the annual business meeting, with both growers and non-growers (i.e., university and Extension personnel) eligible to serve
  • Additional input from growers through a Growers Advisory Committee and other committees as needed

For a more detailed explanation of the planned organizational structure,and links to the fiscal sponsorship agreement, see

We are now seeking people to serve on the initial Grower Advisory Committee. This service will consist of two conference calls, one in November and one in December, to accomplish the following goals:

  • Develop by-laws to govern the election of the IOGA Steering Committee (i.e., term length, nomination procedure, in-person and remote voting procedures); the IOGA Administrative Coordinator will prepare a draft for feedback, so the committee’s role is feedback, not writing
  • Develop a slate of candidates to be proposed to the membership for election to the IOGA Steering Committee at the January 2012 business meeting
  • Review the fiscal sponsorship agreement with the IL Stewardship Alliance, prior to ratification vote at the 2012 business meeting
  • Determine if any other business needs to be brought before the members at the 2012 business meeting

If you are willing to serve on the Grower Advisory Committee this fall, please contact our Administrative Coordinator immediately so that we can get the calls scheduled. Because IOGA has been started through an IL Department of Agriculture grant administered by the University of Illinois, the current Steering Committee is composed of university and Extension personnel. They want to ensure that the members have a strong voice in the direction of the Illinois Organic Growers Association, so your participation is important. Thank you!