Season Extension Resources

It’s the time of the year when organic farmers are tucking in beds into cover crop as they’re harvested and planting seedlings for winter and early spring sales.  With innovation and planning, Illinois farmers are able to extend their season and even grow year-round inside hoop structures.  Whether you call them “high tunnels”, “hoophouses”, “greenhouses” or some other variation, they all allow for season extension.  Season extension doesn’t only include vegetables growers either.  Have you considered moving your animals inside for the winter, increasing soil fertility and decreasing weeds and bugs?

Frontwards-High Tunnel Chickens

Whether you’re new to farming or want to expand your operation, here are some resources to help you continue your education.

MOSES Organic Farming Topic: Season Extension
*Resources include Fact Sheets, E-books, Books, Research publications, Funding Opportunities, and more.

SARE Learning Center Topic Room: High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques
*Resources include Reports, Books, Information materials, and more.

Illinois NRCS Initiatives: Seasonal High Tunnel
*Resources include description of Initiative.  Please visit your county office for more information about EQIP programs through NRCS.