GMO Labeling in the News

The GMO labeling act that Representative Deborah Mell introduced last year is moving again and has been assigned to the Agriculture Committee. HB 1429 provides that all foods containing genetically engineered material or produced with genetically engineered material must be clearly marked with a label placed in a conspicuous place that indicates that the food contains genetically engineered material or was produced with a genetically engineered material. Track the bill’s progress here.

According to Wes King of the IL Stewardship Alliance, “It is also worth noting that there is a lot of attention on California and their GMO labeling referendum effort. An effort that if success would likely mean GMO labeling for the whole country because of the sheer size of the California market– it would be too costly to produce one line of products that were labeled for the CA market and then another for the rest of the country.”

Also, if you are headed to the Good Food Festival in Chicago on March 15-17, note that there is a panel discussion at 12:30PM on Saturday, March 17: What You Need to Know about GMOs. Panelists include:

  • Valerie Dantoin Adamski, Full Circle Farm
  • Brooke Havlik, Shedd Aquarium
  • Dave Murphy, Food Democracy Now
  • Warren Porter, University of Wisconsin (invited)
  • Kim Hack, American Institute of Wine and Food, moderator

Finally, Northwestern University researcher Caroline Coccoli would like to talk with organic farmers about their GMO experiences, including the methods they use to prevent GMO contamination (what seems to work/doesn’t work), yearly or seasonal testing fees, etc.