Farmers’ Guide to Organic Contracts

The Farmers’ Legal Action Group (FLAG) has just recently released their highly-anticipated guide to written organic agriculture contracts, Farmers’ Guide to Organic Contracts, and it’s now available, for free, right at your fingertips (scroll down, its under “Publications and Articles”). According to FLAG, “One major goal of the Farmers’ Guide to Organic Contracts is to encourage an organic marketing […]

Application Deadlines Coming Up Fast

This is a quick reminder that the deadline for the EQIP Organic Initiative, a program under the umbrella of the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and the USDA, is coming up very quick. November 16, to be exact, as Illinois has one of the earliest deadlines in the country. EQIP, which stands for the Environmental […]

USDA Updates Drought Areas

As drought continues to rage across the Great Plains states and remains a concern at home in Illinois, the USDA released their map earlier this week,, which you can conveniently see below, detailing areas eligible  for additional ’emergency funding’. As you can see, this area covers most of the United States, including the entirety of […]

Webinar: NOP and NRCS Requirements

The standards set up by the National Organic Program, which task operators to actively maintain or improve the soil, water and biodiversity of their land, are often complicated, confusing even the most experienced farmers and ranchers.   To this end, the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) is hosting a webinar entitled ‘Links between Biodiversity […]

Just What Are the Benefits of Eating Organic?

A common assumption among those that buy and consume organic food is that its higher cost is ultimately offset by all sorts of positive benefits; to the environment, the local economy and, especially, to overall health.  A recent study from Stanford University, however, draws the unexpected conclusion that the assumed health benefit organic foods provide […]