Agenda for 5/9 Board Call

Phone: 800-347-8268, Meeting ID: 1478, Meeting Password: 3579

Meeting goals:

  1. Ensure a common understanding of the role of the organizing board
  2. Begin to develop relationships and sense of group identity among board members.
  3. Review proposed mission and activities of the organization. Confirm consensus; if no consensus then identify points for further discussion
  4. Set up work plan: schedule, goals, and assigments for next meeting

Agenda items:

  1. Welcome and introductions. Meeting protocol: Remind everyone to state their name before speaking – it’s hard to recognize voices. (5 min)
  2. Get to know each other. (15 min)
  3. OGA history and activities to date. (10 min)
  4. Purpose of organizing board. (5 min)
  5. Questions from board members. (20 min)
  6. Review 2009 survey of grower needs and wants. (5 min)
  7. Review mission statement and begin to obtain consensus. (45 min)
  8. Overview of next meeting. (15 min)
  9. Set schedule for future calls. (10 min)

What to prepare

  • Where do you currently get your information on organic agriculture?
  • Review proposed mission statement: The mission of the IL Organic Growers Association is to support networking and farmer-to-farmer exchange among farmers interested in organic and sustainable production methods, promote and develop new and improved production methods that are state- and region-specific, and help growers support expanded markets for organic agricultural products.