IOGA Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with the IL Stewardship Alliance

The Illinois Organic Growers Association is organized under the fiscal sponsorship of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance. The legal documents that govern the fiscal sponsorship arrangement are listed below. See here for a description of how the fiscal sponsorship relationship works. IOGA-ISA Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement IOGA-ISA Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement Exhibit 1

Organizing Board 5/9/2011 call notes

Present at the meeting were: Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant, UI Extension; Leslie Duram, Southern Illinois University; Carol Elder, IOGA; Jane Heim, producer; Ellen Phillips, UI Extension; Lindsay Record, Illinois Stewardship Alliance; Sarah Shike, Western Illinois University, Michelle Wander, University of Illinois. First, the group reviewed the history and rationale behind the movement to create the Illinois Organic […]