New Vision & Crop-Insurance Pricing

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently discussed his vision for U.S. organic agriculture and USDA efforts to ensure its continued success during remarks to the Organic Trade Association.  Among other items, he announced that new crop-insurance pricing options will be available to organic producers who grow crops under guaranteed contracts beginning with the 2014 crop year. Organic producers who receive a contract price for their crop will have the ability, where available and at their choice, to use their personal contract price as their price election or to choose existing crop insurance price elections.  USDA has also streamlined trade to allow U.S. organic products to be sold as organic in Canada, the European Union, Taiwan, and Japan without maintaining certification to multiple standards. Vilsack also noted that the number of certified organic farms and businesses in the United States has increased 240 percent since USDA first began collecting this data. Organic foods continue to gain market share in the food industry, climbing to 4.2 percent of U.S. retail food sales in 2011.  For more information, see