Member Directory

Below is a list of IOGA members. Please note that our members share an interest in organic principles and sustainable agricultural practices and do not need to be certified as organic by the National Organic Program or other certifying bodies. Anyone requiring certified organic products must verify that status with the individual grower or business.

Jen Burton, Jenneifer L. Burton DVM, Urbana, IL

Brian and Anita Poeppel, Broad Branch Farm, Wyoming, IL

Cori Skolaski, MOSA Organic Certification, Viroqua, WI

Randy Hoovey, Let Us Farm Inc, Geneseo, IL

Michele Wander & Jon Cherniss, Blue Moon Farm LLC, Urbana, IL

David Woodruff, W&M Land Corp, Woodstock, IL

Paul Matthews & Kathy Clarke

Cliff McConville, Barrington Natural Farms, Barrington, IL

Harold Wilken, Janie’s Farm, Darforthe, IL

Wes Jarrell and Leslie Cooperband, Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery, Champaign, IL

Andrew Anderson, Country Pond Gardens, Leland, IL

Bruce Chrisman, Country Sprout Organics LLC, Carbondale, IL

Jack Erisman, Goldmine Farms, Pana, IL

Katie Kenney, Stone Court Farm, Mahomet, IL

Lisa Haynes, Tomahnous Farm, Mahomet, IL

Jane Heim, Willow Creek Organic Farm, Steward, IL

Rebecca Fischer, Renewal Acres, Quincy, IL

Gregory Smith, Sun Powered Food, Champaign, IL

Dave Bishop, PrairiErth Farm, Atlanta, IL

Craig Briney, Insta-Pro International, Urbandale, IA

Gail Record, Clarewood Farm and Bakery, Springfield, IL

Jim & Mary Burrus, Indian Creek Beef Farm, Jacksonville, IL

Kirk Carls, Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizer, Springfield, IL