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Our first membership drive has begun! We have several incentives for you to join: If you join IOGA by the time of the annual business meeting at 4:00 PM on Thursday, January 12, you will be entered into a drawing to be reimbursed for the $75 registration fee to attend the IL Specialty Crops, Agritourism, […]

IOGA Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with the IL Stewardship Alliance

The Illinois Organic Growers Association is organized under the fiscal sponsorship of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance. The legal documents that govern the fiscal sponsorship arrangement are listed below. See here for a description of how the fiscal sponsorship relationship works. IOGA-ISA Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement IOGA-ISA Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement Exhibit 1

IOGA Logo Poll

IOGA is ready to create some printed materials, and we need a logo! Please look at the logos below and rank your favorites. Thank you for your input. Follow this link to vote on your preferences: The poll will close Thursday afternoon.  

Agenda for 5/24 Education-Field Day call

Phone 800-347-8268, Meeting ID 4642, Meeting Password 1357 Agenda items: Soil Conservation/Soil Stewardship field day Co-sponsored by IOGA, WIU’s Allison Farm, ASAP’s Climate and Organic Agriculture Project Proposed date: August 3, 2011 Tentative agenda: 9.30-11.00: Workshop on conservation tools, nutrient management and sustainability metrics. This will be put together by our grant team. We envision […]

Organizing Board 5/9/2011 call notes

Present at the meeting were: Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant, UI Extension; Leslie Duram, Southern Illinois University; Carol Elder, IOGA; Jane Heim, producer; Ellen Phillips, UI Extension; Lindsay Record, Illinois Stewardship Alliance; Sarah Shike, Western Illinois University, Michelle Wander, University of Illinois. First, the group reviewed the history and rationale behind the movement to create the Illinois Organic […]