Farm in Transition seeking a Farmer

From Chad Morse: I hope this email finds you all well and living lives as delicious as one of Stephanie’s strawberry pies. Some of you may know that I moved out to Central Illinois early in 2012 to begin transitioning the conventional corn & soybean farm my dad grew up on to organic production. The […]

2012 IOGA Field Day Schedule

IOGA has scheduled the following field days for 2012: Sustainable Farm Practices August 15, 2012, 6:00 PM Andy Anderson Farm, 2190 N. 45th Rd, Leland, IL 60531 Andy has been slowly transitioning his small acreage into sustainable practices. Although he does not use organic practices many of his practices such as compost beds for raising […]

2012 Farm Bill Update

Last week the US Senate Agriculture Committee passed and sent to the full Senate a new 5 year farm bill. The following link gives a run down of what is in it (both good and bad) pertaining to organic agriculture. _0427120607.html The following link is from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and gives a […]

GMO Labeling in the News

The GMO labeling act that Representative Deborah Mell introduced last year is moving again and has been assigned to the Agriculture Committee. HB 1429 provides that all foods containing genetically engineered material or produced with genetically engineered material must be clearly marked with a label placed in a conspicuous place that indicates that the food […]

New US-European Union Partnership on Organic Trade

Quoted from: See also the USDA news release. Accessing the European Union Organic Market Beginning June 1, 2012, organic products certified in Europe or in the United States may be sold as organic in either region. This partnership between the two largest organic-producers in the world will establish a strong foundation from which to […]

Please Complete a Survey on Cover Crops

From Shashi Li, master’s degree student in agricultural economics at Purdue University: A research project entitled Summer Cover Crops for Weed Suppression and Soil Quality in Organic Vegetable Production in the Great Lakes Region needs organic vegetable farm managers’ help. The project is being conducted by a team of researchers and extension agents from Purdue […]